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A Bit More About Me and Pleasant Nonsense Studio

Welcome Friends. My name is Elaine Klar and I am an artist from Weirton, West Virginia. I have a bachelor's degree in Creative Art Therapy from West Liberty University and am currently pursuing my master's degree at Ursuline College. My art revolves around "art for the heart" or focusing on doing the type of art that benefits your personal well being; makes you feel good and brings you peace and happiness. For me, art for the heart means using all different types of media because personally that is what makes me happiest. Branching out and trying all different kinds of things is what I enjoy most. Acrylic, ceramic, watercolor, collage, printmaking, and mixed media are some of my favorites and what I tend to use the most but I will try any medium at least once. I suggest trying every medium you can get their hands on to find what brings you the most happiness. 

Pleasant Nonsense Studio is my gallery to share my ceramic creations.  The jewelry and other ceramic pieces are all my creations and I love to experiment with different designs and glazes to see what amazing creations come out of the kiln; each glaze firing is like Christmas Day and your never exactly sure what you'll be pulling out of the kiln.  I want my jewelry to be affordable so you can wear your art and enjoy your collection. So thanks for visiting my gallery and I hope you find something that will make you happy. 

Elaine Ceramic Studio Pic 1.jpg
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